Wednesday, October 3, 2007

October Socks

Well, I just got the pattern for the October socks. I am now in a dilemma. When I first started knitting about 3 years ago, I vowed to only work one project at a time. This was because all the other crafts I ever did, still has some projects not completed. Since I consider myself a beginner, I still like to only work one project at a time. However, I just started a sweater for my mom. I finished the back last night, and now have the front and two sleeves to make. The October socks don't look as hard as September's pattern, so I think I can make them pretty fast. Should I break my vow and make the socks and then go onto the sweater? If I really stretch it, I could say I don't have anything on needles right now because the sweater back is completed. Well, since I am working right now, I have until tonight to make my decision.

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