Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What to do!

Since my last post, I have completed the binary cable hat for my husband and I am working on socks for a co-worker. I have one sock completed and the second on the needle. I am planning to finish this sock in the next few days. My dilemma is, what to do next? I have plenty of projects in my queue at Ravelry, I just don't know what I feel like working on next. We have tickets to the Phillies baseball game on Saturday, so I am planning to take a project. Since there will be alot of distractions, I hope to take something I can make without alot of thought or counting. That leaves out working on the aran afghan squares! I was thinking of starting the double knitted baby blanket. The problem with that is that I don't have the yarn in my stash and I have to find time to buy it before Saturday. Well, I guess time will tell and my next post will reveal my next project.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

February Baby Sweater finished!

Well, I finished the socks and have since worn them twice. They wash nicely and all the complaining I did (to myself) while I was making these socks were in vain. Even though I felt the yarn split very easily, the socks are so comfy and I love them. Thank you Grumperina!

The very next day I cast on the February Baby Sweater. I finished it on Saturday, March 8th. I also finished a matching hat last night! I just love how this sweater came out. It is so cute and was not complicated at all. I thought it was going to be hard, but I just followed Elizabeth's pithy directions and I was fine. I know I will be making more of these sweaters.

Now, onto my next project. I think I am going to make a hat for my DH. I made him mittens (my first try at that) and he loved them. He wanted them in case it snowed he thought they would be warm for shoveling snow. Well, we didn't get enough snow to shovel! Maybe next year. But I have some yarn left and he needs a new hat. I am thinking of making the Binary Cable hat from Firefairy. I got the pattern on Ravelry and it's very DH. His old hat needs to hit the trashbin, but I know that won't be happening until he gets a new one.