Monday, September 21, 2009

It's Official!!!

Well, I just turned 55 on Saturday, September 19th. I can officially retire, if I so choose. Which, at this point, I am not. In December, I will have 37 years of service with the federal government. I am hoping to stay until I have 40 years and then retire. At that point, I will be 58 years old, which I think is still pretty young to retire, but if I can at that time, I will.

I thought I would feel differently about my job today, but I guess since retirement isn't in the plans right now, I really don't feel any different.

I am just excited that I will have plenty of knitting time in 3 years.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bittersweet times!

Well, my daughter is getting married in a little over a year. October 10, 2010. They just bought a condo, which is really nice, but it's in Clifton, NJ. Almost 2 hours away. Her boyfriend works in New York City and the commute was really starting to get to him. Since she is still job hunting, it was only natural they would move near his place of work. I think it's a good move, because she will hopefully find a job more in her field than she would where we live. She has been on some interviews but now that they officially have a home near NYC, the agencies will really start looking for her.

I am so happy for them, but at the same time, we have grown very close since she came home from college, and it's going to be very different now that my BFF is not going to be around so much. I know 2 hours isn't very far, but it isn't around the corner either. I really surprised myself when we left on Saturday after spending the day moving them in, that I didn't cry my eyes out missing her already. Maybe because deep down I know it's the best thing for both of them.

I wish them both all the luck in the world and know they will enjoy a long life together.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well, previously I mentioned my daughter was getting married. Yesterday we went looking for a wedding dress. We had done this earlier, and she found something she thought she liked. This time though, Grandma came too. The first dress she tried on was really beautiful and I didn't think she would like it because it was covered in lace. The second dress was the one she liked the best last time. She really didn't like it at all this time. After trying on about 10 dresses, she ended up with the one she tried on first. It really looks beautiful on her and I couldn't stop crying. Since this was a trunk show for a specific designer, he happened to be there. He took a picture with her wearing the dress, and even drew a picture of the dress for her and signed it. He was so nice. I can't divulge too much because she doesn't want anyone looking up his name and trying to guess which gown she chose.

She is on cloud 9 and her happiness is contagious. Things are coming along slowly but surely. I am sure it will be October 2010 before I know it. I am just worried that I won't be able to contain myself that day. I am so happy for her, especially that she is so happy.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer's Here?

I can't believe the last time I posted was February 4th and it was snowing, like every other day. Well, since then we had so much rain during the spring it was unbelievable.

Well, I guess the reason I didn't post was that nothing was really going on. My dad is still going strong. He says every day that he is worse than yesterday but really, for his age he is amazing. He is in alot of pain because of the arthritis, but other than that, he really is good. My mom is what worries me because she does everything for him and since they live with my brother, his wife and their kids, she does alot for them too. She tries to make up to them because she feels she is in the way. I look at it like they are both making out. They are not alone and the kids get alot of grandmom and grandpop time.

I have been knitting up a storm though. I made a few baby dresses that came out so cute, a Philly Phanatic doll for my niece who is turning 27 years old but loves the Phillies. I have made quite a few socks which I test knitted for Laura at the Unique Sheep and best of all, I got to meet Laura at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. I went with two friends from work and it was a blast. It was everything everyone said it would be and more. I can't wait to go again next year.

Well, hopefully I will be posting more now that my daughter got engaged and I will have stuff to write about. She is so excited and has made plans to get married on 10-10-10. Cute date right?

Till next time, Anna Marie

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow, Snow, SNOW

Well, we finally got a substantial amount of snow. I really like snow when I can be at home and look at it and not have to worry about going to work and driving in it. They call me a snow sissy at work because I am so scared of driving in the snow. Well, I really don't care. I happened to be off today because I had a funeral so I really didn't care if it snowed alot, I just figured I would miss the funeral. We got 10 inches here in Elk Township, NJ. It really looks so pretty too. I did go to the funeral because the nice people who plow the streets really did a great job and by the time I had to leave the house today at 9am, the roads were pretty good. That's a really good job coming from a sissy like me.

Well, since I have the rest of the day, I think I might knit a bit. I am working on socks for my son, and really need to finish them so I can start test knitting a sock for Laura at the Unique Sheep.

So, I think instead of sitting here writing, I am going to knit. Talk to you later!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


YEAH!!! Today is one year I have been on Ravelry. I don't know how I could live without it now. I don't know how I could thank Jess and Casey enough for their wonderful idea!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy New Year

Well, it took me long enough to get to this site. You would think that since Christmas is over, knitting would slow down. Well, I am glad to say it has not. I was so glad Jess liked the socks, so much that she wanted fingerless mitts. They only took 2 days to make. I think they might make some quick Christmas gifts next year. I hope they are still in style. I also made a hat for the homeless. This year I intend to make at least 10 hats to give to ScottishLamb (on Ravelry) in December. Jess saw this hat and decided to keep it for herself. I don't mind and was really happy she could use it. I will still make more for the homeless.

I also test knitted William's hat for The Unique Sheet. It was a really fun knit and I love cables. I am now test knitting a child's cabled sweater. It is blocking now and was so much fun to knit and I loved the yarn. It was back to basics and felt like butter knitting with it.

Well for the sickies in my family, my husband is doing much better with his new knee, and my dad is coming along as well as can be expected for a man almost 93 years old. I just keep worrying about my mom and hope she can keep up with helping my dad out. I try to help as much as I can, but there are only so many things I can help with. He was able to make it to my daughter's birthday party this past weekend which was a plus since he hasn't been anywhere except to doctor's appointments since last May. We were going to change the place to my brother's house where he lives, but he insisted he could do it and I am glad he did. He seemed so happy to see everyone and being outside of his house. I guess it can get monotonous being in the same place every day. The change was good for him.