Monday, June 16, 2008


Saturday was knit in public day. I went to my LYS to knit in the morning since I had my son's 25th birthday party scheduled in the afternoon. I am still working on the Great American Aran Afghan and currently completing my 15th square. Only 5 more to go!

I am getting ready to test knit a lace afghan for The Unique Sheep. I can't wait to get that started. Good Luck Laura on your upcoming wedding.

Well, the update on my dad is that he is still in pain, but I think he is slowly improving. He still doesn't feel it, but I think he sometimes moves a little more confidently than other times, so that must be a little improvement. I know it's a slow road to recovery, and at 92 years old it must feel like the pain is never going to go away. Hopefully, he will get past this.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Getting Better!

Well, my dad had a doctor appointment yesterday and it went well. He was actually able to get down the steps and walkway to the car and get to the doctors. That is a great accomplishment because he really has trouble walking. Thank God it was a good day!

On a knitting note, I finished the Cabled baby sweater from a LionBrand Pattern and I am working on the hat. I think instead of making the booties from the pattern, I think I will try one of Ann Budd's Better than booties pattern. They look like fun!

I don't know what's next on the horizon for knitting. Next week (June 14th) is the Square of the Month class for the Great American Aran Afghan. I have 14 completed squares. Only 6 more to go! I can't wait to see the FO. I know I will complete the booties way before next week's class and I don't have anything else to work on. Maybe I will make a bunch of baby socks/booties to give away to church at Christmastime.