Monday, January 28, 2008

Always something new!

Well, I am always learning something new! I recently knitted my first pair of mittens and I loved knitting them almost as much as socks. But of course, you can use socks all year 'round. I am already on my second pair of mittens. I will have to post some pictures. I also finished another square for my aran afghan. I am not very happy with how it came out. It doesn't look quite like the picture in the book. But, I really wasn't crazy about this square anyway, so I am keeping it as is. I have already completed 10 squares so I am halfway finished. I have to post those pictures also, as soon as I take some.

I went to visit Elizabeth (my knitting teacher) on Saturday. She is 92 years old and still going strong. She fell in December so her sons found an assisted living place for her. It is really nice and after 1 month she really enjoys being there. They do all sorts of crafts and activities. She finished a sweater for one of her sons. It really came out nice. I hope to one day be able to knit without a pattern too! I am still a little leary of going out at night in the winter (afraid of ice) so as soon as the weather gets nicer, I am going to go back to visiting her every week to knit with her. We both looked forward to those visits.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Good to be working

Well, it's been a little over a week since I went back to work part time. It really has been good to see everyone again and get back into the thick of things. I am still in therapy 3 times a week, and getting stronger every day. Going back to work was bittersweet. I have less time for knitting, but I get to knit with my knitting buddies at work every day at lunch. It's so much better to knit with friends!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Back to work?

Well, my dr. never really said I could go back to work, but he didn't say I couldn't either. His assistant left it up to me. I am going to attempt those steps (I really am dreading it). If it wasn't for the steps, I really wouldn't be worried. I am still a little stiff, but I am walking fairly well with a cane.

On a knitting note, I made my first pair of mittens! My husband wanted them so they will keep his hands warm while he is shoveling snow. I am really pleased on how they came out.

I am now working on a pair of socks for myself. These are my favorite things to knit, but I think mittens could come close! They are fast and so comfy to wear.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, it's a new year. It's been so long since I last posted. I have made lots of things while I was recuperating from my surgery. Scarves, a prayer throw, lots of socks, and I am working in between on the great american aran afghan. These last 11 weeks have gone by so fast! I can't wait until my doctors appointment next week to see if I can return to work. I can't imagine going back to work, it's a bittersweet thing. I want to go back, but I am also enjoying so much knitting time!