Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Where does the time go?

It's been over 2 weeks since I posted. I am finished with napping. Since I have been off the pain meds, I can't sleep at night if I take a nap. I finally finished the October socks. They came out beautiful, even though I missed the deadline. Thanks Anni!

I had a dr. appointment today and I am going to be home another 6 weeks. At least now I can go in a car, either as a passenger or driver. I don't think I am ready to drive yet, but at least I know it won't be long before I can.

I did finish a pair of socks for my son, and three felted bowls for Christmas gifts. Now I am waiting for the December pattern. I missed doing the November Ripple socks, but I am keeping the pattern for later. I love the design. I should be able to finish the December pattern. Can't wait to receive the pattern.

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