Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow, Snow, SNOW

Well, we finally got a substantial amount of snow. I really like snow when I can be at home and look at it and not have to worry about going to work and driving in it. They call me a snow sissy at work because I am so scared of driving in the snow. Well, I really don't care. I happened to be off today because I had a funeral so I really didn't care if it snowed alot, I just figured I would miss the funeral. We got 10 inches here in Elk Township, NJ. It really looks so pretty too. I did go to the funeral because the nice people who plow the streets really did a great job and by the time I had to leave the house today at 9am, the roads were pretty good. That's a really good job coming from a sissy like me.

Well, since I have the rest of the day, I think I might knit a bit. I am working on socks for my son, and really need to finish them so I can start test knitting a sock for Laura at the Unique Sheep.

So, I think instead of sitting here writing, I am going to knit. Talk to you later!

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