Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well, previously I mentioned my daughter was getting married. Yesterday we went looking for a wedding dress. We had done this earlier, and she found something she thought she liked. This time though, Grandma came too. The first dress she tried on was really beautiful and I didn't think she would like it because it was covered in lace. The second dress was the one she liked the best last time. She really didn't like it at all this time. After trying on about 10 dresses, she ended up with the one she tried on first. It really looks beautiful on her and I couldn't stop crying. Since this was a trunk show for a specific designer, he happened to be there. He took a picture with her wearing the dress, and even drew a picture of the dress for her and signed it. He was so nice. I can't divulge too much because she doesn't want anyone looking up his name and trying to guess which gown she chose.

She is on cloud 9 and her happiness is contagious. Things are coming along slowly but surely. I am sure it will be October 2010 before I know it. I am just worried that I won't be able to contain myself that day. I am so happy for her, especially that she is so happy.

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