Thursday, April 8, 2010

September? Really?

I can't believe I haven't written anything since September 2009. I know I am not one to write ALOT, but OMG! It's been longer than I have ever gone before. Not that anyone even reads this but really!

Anyway, my dad will be 94 on April 10th. What a milestone. He really has been tired lately, but at 94, I would expect your body to be tired, alot. Well, my 83 year old mom doesn't think so. She worries so much over him. Hopefully, I can talk her into going back to the senior center to at least do the bone density exercises. Someone around here is always home in case dad would need us, except for every other Tuesday. I think she should do this for herself, and then maybe everything my dad says or does won't bother her as much. Wish me luck!

My daughter's wedding is coming along fine too. Everything is almost finished. I think she needs to do the limo's and hotel accomodations, incase anyone wants to stay close by if they are going to be drinking. I am so excited for that day to come. I am so happy for her.

On a knitting note, I always have at least 1 project on the needles. I am excited to say I finally chose a project for my Juniper Moon Fiber Farm yarn. I have Spring 09 and Fall 09 shares. I soaked the yarn in vinegar and water, like the directions said, and even did a second soak in hair conditioner. It's not a surprise that the yarn is just lovely. It still has some of the wonderful sheepy smell and bloomed so nicely. I now have to wind at least one hank so I can do a gauge swatch. Oh, I forgot to tell you. I am going to attempt the Central Park Hoodie. I think it will look so nice in the natural yarn. I just hope the gauge works out well.

I am still working, even though I can officially retire. I think I will hang in there until I have 40 years service. That won't be until January 2013, but will probably be here before you know it.


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