Monday, April 21, 2008

calming down

Things have certainly calmed down since my last post. My dad is doing so much better than he was, and is getting stronger every day. It's amazing and I hope I have that much ambition if I ever get to 92 years old. He is slowing starting to get strength in his legs and is walking using a walker only at therapy. In his room he is still in the wheelchair or in bed, with a nurses assistant. It is even getting better getting my mom back and forth to rehab. I have been sending out emails and everyone is helping out. It's amazing how things bring people closer.

I finished my second February baby sweater, plus a hat and booties to match. They are adorable and I can't wait until the Miller baby is born to give them the outfit. I am now starting a pair of socks for myself using up some stash. I need to get rid of some yarn before I can buy anymore.


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