Saturday, May 10, 2008

Great Weekend!

This weekend we spent Friday and Saturday in Lancaster and had a blast! Our 30th anniversary will be the 20th of May and we just wanted to do something for us for a change. My dad is still in the hospital and hopefully will be home soon. He is still hardly walking, but we will just have to manage. We are just so blessed that he is still with us at 92 years old and still is very sharp. He loves his computer and working on photoshop. Maybe working on the computer will brighten him up a little when he gets home.

Anyway, we spent Friday at the Green Dragon farmers market. We went to the auction and for the first time actually bidded on some plants. It was exciting and we had so much fun. Needless to say we came home with lots of plants!

On Saturday morning, our first stop was at Labadie Looms. I googled yarn shops before we left and this was the closest store we would be near. I am so glad I stopped in. I met Beverly and she actually took the time to show me how to cast on to knit toe up socks. I usually make socks from the cuff down and but I think I am going to try to make my next pair from the toe up. I also have the best husband who paitently waited until we were through. He is really the best!

We drove around Lancaster after leaving the yarn store. The scenery was just so beautiful, even though it was a little cloudy. We ended up going to the store near the Shady Maple to buy bulk foods. We bought lots of bread flour to make pizza's and bread.

We also went to Black Creek Nursery in East Earl. It was our last stop and we bought our vegetable plants. We just have a few more herbs to buy and then we will be set for the summer. I love this time of year.

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