Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall days

Well, fall has finally hit. It's just beautiful. I love the change of seasons and I love fall best of all! Since I last wrote, I finished the Republic Hat for one of my knitting buddies. I gave it to her for her birthday and it not only fit her perfect but she loved it. I was so glad. I also am working on socks for myself. My husband bought me some of the new Patons stretch yarn so I am making some socks out of it. So far, they aren't coming out too bad. I just have gotten used to the Unique Sheep yarn which is just lovely. I am really getting spoiled.

I have also been working on squares for the Great American Aran Afghan. I currently have 18 squares completed and only need 2 more to complete the 20 I planned on making. I went to a class to learn to block and begin to put the square together. It was fun and I learned alot. So, I currently have 4 squares blocked and this weekend I am hoping to block some more. Once I get the next 4 blocked, I think I am going to start sewing them together. I am hoping to have the afghan finished by Christmas. I am planning to make the last two squares different than what the book shows. I think I am going to make plain squares like the back of the sweater square and then make I cords for our family initial for one block and the 08 for the year on the other block. I hope this looks OK, it was a suggestion from someone in the blocking class and I really like the idea.

Well, back to some knitting. I currently am working the GAAA, the stretch socks and my nephew's afghan. Alot of work!

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