Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas

Well, Christmas has come and gone! This year, Christmas was bittersweet. My dad was admitted to the hospital on December 23rd. However, he came home on the 26th. We were a little sad that he couldn't spend Christmas eve or Christmas day with us, but we were glad he came home in such a short time. He ended up having pneumonia and it was a good thing he was in the hospital. He really looks so much better, in fact, better than he has been in a few months. I think in the end it was good for him. My mom ended up spending most of those days with him, and while I don't blame her, it was alot for her to sit there all day. At least he is home now, and hopefully, they will both rest.

My kids were both happy with their presents. They usually are but I always think I might be buying them things I want them to have instead of what they might really want. My husband is still not feeling too good with his leg, but is getting a little better each day.

I finished all the baking and knitting and cooking and was pretty calm for Christmas dinner. I was even able to get to the hospital before everyone came over.

Well, I just bought some Patons wool to make Jess some wrist warmers. She loved the socks I made her and when I mentioned I was going to make the wrist warmers and my son said she wouldn't like them, she told me she actually saw them in a store and when she went back to get them they were sold out. I love knitting things for people when I know they like them and appreciate them.

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